Thursday, 28 October 2010

Despicable Me

Ok, now I have wanted to see this film ever since I first saw the trailer, but it wasn't something that I went out of my way to see. it wasn't until a friend suggested that a bunch of us go see it that I said we should. I'm really glad that I have now though. This film had me literally laughing out loud. From the moment it started I couldn't stop laughing.

Despicable Me is all about a villain who wants a loan from the bank of evil so that he can steal the moon, this seems like a ridiculous plan to us, the unsuspecting audience, but Gru (the villain, voiced by Steve Carell) has a 'simple' solution; he will shrink the moon and take it. But what happens when another villain, Vector (voiced by Jason Segel) takes the shrink ray?

OK time for a little back story (imagine some soft music and the image in front of you fading from the middle maybe with some glitter to reveal the new image of the back story) Vector loves cookies and you know how in America for the girl guides or whatever the club is over there they go round selling cookies well in the film three girls; Margo (voiced byMiranda Cosgrove), Edith (voiced by Dana Gaier) and Agnes (voiced by Else Fisher) go round selling these cookies. After several attempts Gru has been blown up trying to get into Vector's 'fortress' however these three little girls get in so easily with just the promise of cookies. There we go back story over. Back to the film.........

Gru wants these girls as his adopted daughters so he can get into the 'fortress' and steal the shrink ray back. Isn't that nice :) But what happens when these girls demand attention and he finds himself caring for them? Of course all of this is very funny as while he is trying to complete his evil plan he has his minions and these girls to look out for. The minions had me laughing from the start, just the way they are and their personalities are hilarious, they turn something as simple as a water cooler into the most fascinating thing in the world, stuff that we see almost everyday and don't regard with any amazement at all have you laughing at the simplicity of their design.

I think that the normality of these jokes are the funniest thing, for example I loved when the girls' pink leotards were put in the wash with Gru's white space suit (I don't think you need me to spell out what happened there)

This film is definitely one to watch. Laughs guaranteed unless you enjoy doing an impression of Mr. Grumpy/Grumpy (Mr men or seven dwarves you may choose)

From me xx